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Meaningful Connections

When you enroll at Manhattanville you become part of our Valiant community – a vast network of educators, professionals, scientists, performers, artists, and more.
Private, nonprofit school in New York for social mobility based on US News and World Report rankings.
Of graduating class employed or enrolled in graduate programs.
Designated a Hispanic Serving Institution by the US Department of Education.
Of students graduate with experiential and/or service learning experiences. 


Brownson Hall, Manhattanville College
Manhattanville College
Lower Westchester and the Bronx
Dr. Sam White
Samantha White, PhD, Sport Studies professor
Olivia Swanson
Olivia Swanson ‘23, Performing Arts student
Jamaal Bowman
US Rep. Jamaal Bowman '19, EdD
Dr. Sam White on campus
Living Our Mission
Dr. Sam White, Sport Studies professor
“It is important to recognize the experiences of people who have been viewed as outside the sports sphere, like marginalized folks.”
Dr. White’s research embodies the “understanding [of] diverse perspectives, thinking about the importance of equity and inclusion” which are also hallmarks of the Manhattanville mission.Samantha White, PhD, Sport Studies professor
Making Dreams a Reality
Olivia Swanson '23, Performing Arts student
"At Manhattanville they provide students with the option to take on anything they set their minds to."
It was not until I got to Manhattanville where I was under the impression that not only taking on another major or minor was a viable option, but it was also encouraged. I think it’s very important to recognize that we as human beings might have more than one interest, especially when we are young. Now is the time to dive deeper into those interests! Now is the time to explore and see what is going to be the best fit for us in our careers. Olivia Swanson ‘23, Performing Arts student
Jamaal Bowman speaking at Commencement
Lifelong dedication to social justice and human rights, making the American dream accessible to all.
Jamaal Bowman '19, US Congressman
The reason why I am standing here with you today is because of teachers and coaches and mentors.
Speaking to graduate students at the 2022 Commencement: "You will be everything to the children and the families that you serve. And that is a major responsibility. You’re not going to be there to just deliver academic content. You’re going to be there to deliver social, emotional, and mental health support."US Rep. Jamaal Bowman '19, EdD


The world is changing fast. Leaders are needed more than ever to stand up, empathize, and find solutions that build bridges. At Manhattanville, we’re committed to nurturing the next generation of bold thinkers and doers. Come join them.

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